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What to expect when upgrading your water meter

HydroCorp Water Meter Replacement

Important Facts

HydroCorp, the Safe Water Authority, has been chosen by your public water system to upgrade all of the water meters in your area.

Here are some important facts you need to know about the replacement process and your participation.

First, these upgrades are free, take less than 45 minutes AND mandatory. Second, this community wide project will provide improved customer service and better accuracy of your water bill. Please verify there is clear access to and around your water meter prior to the appointment time and date of your meter replacement. Depending on your state, this meter upgrade may also include a backflow hazard safety inspection of your plumbing outlets such as lawn sprinklers, boiler systems and hose connection outlets.

Scheduling your appointment

It’s important that you schedule your upgrade appointment as soon as possible. You can do that by following the instructions on the postal notice recently sent to your address.

When scheduling your water meter upgrade note that someone over the age of 18 must be home when a HydroCorp Meter technician arrives, and that they’ll need access to your water meter, which is typically in your basement, crawlspace, or mechanical room. In southern States, water meters are located outside the building, typically in a pit or vault on the property.

When the HydroCorp technician arrives, they will be on time and easily recognizable. They will always carry photo identification and a tablet device to record information about the meter replacement process which will automatically be sent to your municipality upon completion.

Again, the entire upgrade process should take only about 45 minutes to complete, and there will be a brief interruption to your water service during that time.

Schedule your appointment today!

It’s important to schedule your appointment today by following the instructions on the postal notice recently sent to your address. to avoid further notices and additional actions by your water utility. From all of us at HydroCorp and your local public water system, thank you in advance for your time and cooperation as we upgrade your water meter.